Taking inspiration from nature, I design and produce accessories decorated with blossoming flowers and shapes made of recycled inner tube.

Camera Creativa was born in 2013, out of  the  idea of giving second life to everyday worn out materials. Thanks to its lightness and softness, rubber serves the purpose perfectly; besides, it looks and feels like leather. Inner tube is black, which gives the accessories (necklaces, earrings, bracelets and belts) a light touch of Victorian melancholy.

To me, inner tubes come like fabric in a “Haute Couture” atelier since every single item is drawn  and cut by hand. Every piece is then sewn, painted and finished with details of tailoring care in each processing step, so as to convey the pleasure and characteristic of “truly handmade” that makes each product unique and unrepeatable increasing its intrinsic value.

Inspiration comes from nature, reinterpreted through the poetic forms of flowers and leaves that blossom on the inner tube: Naoko, Fujiko and Kaori… each and every item is unique and bears a female Japanese name to evoke an extremely fascinating culture. he streaks of the inner tubes evoke their experience turning themselves into the basic elements of nature.

The research, the study and the trials of different materials are part of new path: PVC advertising banners, manually reassembled for sculpting innovative body jewelry. The lightweight, rigid material is decomposed and recomposed in a new volume structure. Free, unstable shapes evoke modern architectures. The elegant and sensual soul tell a new story for a sophisticated woman.

Forms and materials are constantly evolving; flowers, leaves, interweavings and drapes move along a path which is free and entirely guided by sensations.

fondo 1
fondo 2